ECOWAS signs a €1.3 million agroecology grant

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The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has signed grant agreements worth 1.3 million euros. This is in conjunction with 15 training centres to build capacity in agroecology in member states. The capacity-building programme is part of the implementation of the ECOWAS Agroecology Programme. It is further co-funded by the European Union and the French Development Agency.


The total budget of the grant agreements funded by the European Union was 1,320,784.43 euros, representing about 88,000 euros per centre. Also, it was for an average duration of 18 months and aimed at training 12,000 young people in the region.


The purpose of each grant is to establish a framework of collaboration between ECOWAS and the recipient centre for the implementation of the programme activities in West Africa. This was in a statement signed by the president of the commission, Dr. Omar Alieu Touray.

Hopefully, this will build a human resource- and environmentally friendly system. Therefore, there will be sustainable and increased agricultural productivity, which will create a resilient rural society. The 15 training centres, which were selected following due consultation and assessment, represent one per member state. It covers the 15 ECOWAS member states and is scheduled to end in 2024.


Also, ECOWAS seeks to improve the quality of training and the development of the centres’ capacities. The total target of the programme is about 12,000 young people, trained by 2024 in agroecology in the region.

The projects are called the Support Project for Agroecological Transition in West Africa. Also, the Support Project for the Dissemination and Implementation of Good Practices for Sustainable Agricultural Intensification.


Lastly, with a total budget of 16.2 million euros, PATAE is funded by the French Development Agency at eight million euros, and PAIAD is funded by the European Union at 8.2 million euros.


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