Nigeria needs competence, says Tinubu

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The President-elect of Nigeria, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has succeeded in killing the hopes of Nigerians. He says that he will favour competence over national unity.


During his speech, Tinubu claimed that his aim was higher than a government of national unity. He wants a government with national competence in selecting his cabinet members. Therefore, he is not choosing appointees based on religion.


Recently, Tinubu made a statement titled, “Nigeria: At the Cusp of Renewed Hope,” which was his first official statement. He has addressed Nigerians as their president-elect. This is coming after Atiku and Obi, who both came second and third in the election, respectively, took the results to court. Nigerians believe that a government of national unity will calm all agitations.


Further, in his statement, Tinubu declared his acceptance of the task before him. However, his aims are higher than those of a government of national unity. In his words, “In selecting my government, I shall not be weighed down by considerations extraneous to ability and performance.” The day for political gamesmanship is long gone. “I shall assemble competent people from across Nigeria to build a safer, more prosperous, and just Nigeria.”


Specifically, Tinubu promises that women will be prominent. Also, young people will be allowed to govern. Faith will not determine a position in government. Character and competence will be the determining factors.


Tinubu’s Plans


Speaking on the case in court, Tinubu noted that the presidential election was credible. Furthermore, the victory in that election has fallen on his shoulders. He said that contesting the election results was part of democracy.

Lastly, he added, “while they exercise the legal rights afforded them in our democracy, I have set my course and mind on the leadership of this nation.” We have important work to do, and I am committed to getting that work done for the benefit of all the people, whether or not they voted for me or even voted at all.


Equally important, he reiterated that his party has a “Renewed Hope Action Plan.” The plan would cause great economic growth in all cities and rural communities throughout the country. His plan will be committed to double-digit Gross Domestic Product growth.


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