Kastina APC clears 22 LGAs

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The All Progressive Congress in Kastina State looks ready for victory. The governorship candidate for the party is Dr. Dikko Radda.


As of 2:15 p.m. Sunday afternoon, the APC had won in all 22 local government areas whose results had been announced.
Accordingly, the councils were Musawa, Sandamu, Baure, Dutsi, Dandume, Batagarawa, Ingawa, Bindawa, Kaita, Maiadua, Zango, Rimi, Kusada, Mani, Safana, Funtua, Daura, Mashi, Batsari, Jibia, Kankia, and Charanchi.
Equally important, Kastina has 34 local government areas.


In addition, figures polled by the APC and two political parties with appreciable results in the 22 councils, as announced by their respective collation officers, were as follows:


INEC Results

Musawa: APC—24,682;
PDP– 10,118 NNPP—580.

Sandamu: APC—21,055 ; PDP—10,641 ; ADP—23.

Baure: APC—32802; PDP–17889; NNPP–62.

Dutsi: APC —15631 ;PDP–8419;NRM—11.

Dandume: APC—23710; PDP—14792; NNPP—220.

Batagarawa: APC —26326; PDP—13510; NNPP–212.

Ingawa: APC —22080; PDP–12255; PRP—217.

Bindawa : APC—28997; PDP–12165 ; NNPP—957.

Kaita: APC—24121;PDP –9824; NNPP—53.

Maiadua: APC—28436; PDP—11506; NNPP–68.

Zango: APC—19757; PDP—10477; ADP —40.

Rimi : APC —28202; PDP—13823; NNPP —397.

Kusada: APC—13750;PDP—11151;ADP—33.

Mani: APC—29678;PDP—16180; NNPP—231.

Safana : APC—15417;PDP—10450; SDP—143.

Funtua: APC—31924; PDP—19849; NNPP —314.

Daura: APC—26548; PDP—10689; ADP–106.

Mashi: APC—28793; PDP—8896; SDP–102.

Batsari: APC—-20053;PDP –10247; NNPP–239.

Jibia: APC—21216; PDP –13259; ADP—71.

Kankia: APC —18249; PDP—14830; PRP–22.

Charanchi: APC—20782; PDP–7539 and NNPP–66.

The results were declared at the governorship election collation center located within the premises of the INEC Katsina state headquarters. Lastly, it was done in the presence of the INEC returning officer for the elections, Professor Abubakaruazu.

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