Heavy smoke bellows above buildings in the vicinity of the Khartoum's airport on April 15, 2023, amid clashes in the Sudanese capital. - Explosions rocked the Sudanese capital on April 15 as paramilitaries and the regular army traded attacks on each other's bases, days after the army warned the country was at a "dangerous" turning point. (Photo by - / AFP)

Sudan conflict: Trapped Nigerians yet to move

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Trapped Nigerians in Sudan are yet to move from the country. However, it has gathered that 40 buses are already on ground to convey them. Since Sunday, foreign countries have been evacuating their citizens from the Sudan conflict. Foreigners have also fled war torn Khartoum while millions of residents live in fear.


Since April 15, the army and paramilitary troops have been at war. They have left chaos behind them. The Sudan conflict had rendered people homeless. More than 420 people have been killed and thousands wounded, according to UN figures. Sudan is one of the world’s poorest nations. This diaster puts the country at a great risk.


Federal Government made preparations to evacuate about 5,500 stranded Nigerians out of Sudan through the Egyptian town of Luxor. Further, they were adding seeking Egypt’s support so that the stranded Nigerians could be moved to Luxor. However, on Monday, the Embassy of Nigeria, Sudan made a request for buses to convey students from Khartoum to Cairo on Tuesday at 6 am. The Sudan conflict is on a ceasefire.


Reports from a student says, “We are still in Khartoum. The Embassy has moved the time to 12pm. I am afraid that the Embassy might change their mind.” However, the embassy said arrangements are on ground and would soon be concluded.

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